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The AdFlux cloud-based digital signage software helps you add, manage & schedule beautiful digital signage in a snap!

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software

Engage your audience, convey your message, and collaborate more effectively with today's most innovative, cloud-based digital signage platform.
With a digital sign, a user can display advertisements, special offers, and notices to customers, employees, and other foot-traffic using a beautiful digital display screen. This digital content is often much more engaging than static, printed posters. Additionally, users can change the content on their digital screens by simply swapping out the digital content rather than having to print and replace a physical poster.

In the past, managing media content on digital screens was as difficult as replacing printed posters. With digital signage of the past, users would have to physically travel to each display screen and manually upload content with a USB drive and keyboard. This process was particularly time-consuming when a user was responsible for multiple screen locations and complex media schedules.

Today, most digital signage deployments have digital signage content management software. In its most simple version, this software allows users to manage their signage content from a single web interface. The Adflux Cloud-Based Content Management Software allows our client to manage their digital signage networks efficiently and remotely.

Features of the Adflux Digital Signage Software

Remote content management

The Adflux CMS allows you to manage your content from anywhere. This feature enables you to upload and change-out digital content using a web browser on your computer.

Support for a variety of media formats

The Adflux CMS supports more than just images. It allows users to upload photos, videos, and even URL addresses for live web pages.

Advanced content scheduling

The Adflux CMS allows you to schedule digital signage content in advance. This feature is useful, as it enables users to plan a month or more worth of digital signage content in a single sitting. The user can then set-and-forget their digital signage content, and they don’t have to allocate time each day to deal with content updates.

Digital signage content playlists

The Adflux CMS allows users to build content playlists within the digital signage software. Users can group and organize similarly themed content or content for particular occasions into a single playlist. Instead of scheduling each piece of content one-by-one, users can select a playlist and assign it to a specific screen in just a few clicks.

Screen grouping functionality

For users that have multiple screens, digital signage content management can be a lot of work. Screen grouping allows users to organize multiple screens into a single unit. For example, for retail store digital signage, a user may want to make a group of screens for each region of stores. Once a user groups multiple screens, the user can then update the content on each screen within that group all at once. If there is a special offer that is only applicable to a particular region of retail stores, this special offer can be pushed out to all relevant screens at once rather than screen-by-screen.

Multi-user support

Most businesses have multiple individuals who work on their digital signage strategy. With multi-user support, businesses can easily assign accounts with varying permission levels to relevant employees. Additionally, when an employee changes roles or leaves the company, management can easily remove that employee’s account while keeping top-level administrative access.

Remote screen monitoring and health checks

The individual responsible for digital signage content management may not be in close proximity to each sign that they manage. Some digital signage users may not see the screens that they manage for weeks at a time. These screens may be kilometres or even cities away from the user’s workplace. Accordingly, it is important that users can remotely monitor the health and playback status of their screens. The Adflux CMS provides users with the last image displayed on each screen and information on whether or not the screen in reachable.

Digital signage API integration

Perhaps you want your digital signage content to display dynamically based on changes in other datasets. For example, maybe you only want your digital signs to show special offers for products that are in-stock. To do this, you must use the Adflux digital signage API to integrate your digital signage content management software with your inventory database.

Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software

1. Upload your content fast.

You just need to click “Upload” and select any photo/video from your computer. Moreover, you can group image/video into different folders by dragging and dropping.

2. Create a new playlist.

The Adflux cloud-based digital signage software helps you create as many playlists as you want. Also, it is easy to arrange playlists to display in order just by dragging & dropping them.

3. Schedule to display playlists.

With our cloud-based digital signage software, you can choose to display any playlist at a specific time. Playlists can be set to appear or expire on the time you want.

4. Assign your content.

In “Playlists” tab, you choose your desired playlist, click “Select screens” and assign this playlist to a single screen or a group of screens.

Flexible, Customisable, Extensible, Built for Scalability

Third-party Integration

Estimate the age of customers as they are approaching. Determine if your products actually attracts the intended audiences or not.

Pre-defined Templates

Based on your demand, we can build premade templates for you such as food menu, building directory, notice, etc..

Optimize for hardware

Our cloud-based digital signage solution helps to optimize content for a specific set of hardware.

Playback Report

Our cloud-based digital signage solution can offer you valuable insight into your devices, status, and performance, etc

Compatible Devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage software is a tool that enables users to manage their digital signage content and screens. With digital signage software, users can schedule content, create playlists, organize their screens into groups, and even diagnose playback issues that occur with remote screens

Cloud-based digital signage software is a platform for managing and distributing digital signage content with the latest cloud technology. Your content lives on the cloud, and the provider maintains the servers hosting it.

How does digital signage work? Digital signage’s content is powered by a media player or system-on-a-chip which pushes content to a display. Users can then manage the content with a content management system, either on-site or within the cloud to change up content on the fly.

From increased recall and retention rates to boosted revenue, here are five digital signage benefits that can help your business: Increased Recall and Retention Rate, boost in Revenue, Low-Cost, Easily Deployable, Digital Connectivity.

The first trend is audience interaction. This will transform display boards into personalized content to help buyers make decisions, offer promotions based on customer interactions. The second one is deep analytics with built-in cameras, voice recognition, and proximity sensors

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