7 Digital Signage Content Ideas For Valentines Day

Blog / 7 Digital Signage Content Ideas For Valentines Day
10 February 2022

Love can be expressed in so many different ways and seems to be the one thing that keeps us all from falling apart. On the 14th of February every year - most of the world comes together in a celebration of love and the ones they hold dear to their hearts. Businesses would be remiss to overlook this opportunity to overlook this joyous period in the world by not contributing to the celebrations in some fashion. In light of Valentine’s Day, we’ve drawn up a handy list of 7 digital signage ideas to integrate into your current campaigns.

Dress The Part

There’s no easier way to let your consumers know that you’re in the mood for love better than Valentine-themed content. The Adflux CMS allows you to upload any Valentine’s design adaptations from anywhere with its remote accessibility. You’ll also be able to schedule and launch display campaigns to run on all your screens with our screen grouping functionality, saving you precious time and travel costs. Adding a temporary Valentine’s angle to your templates and layouts has never been simpler, and your viewers will resonate with this kind of attention to detail in your campaigns.

Curate Valentine’s Playlist

Everyone has their idea of how they like to express their love on Valentine's Day. Using the Adflux playlist editor, you’ll be able to meticulously arrange any Valentine’s content into your already existing campaigns. Alternatively, you can create a specialized content playlist from scratch and opt to run it specifically for the period leading up to Valentine’s day. Running a temporary ‘’pop-up’’ campaign creates some extra excitement around your brand.

Share Specialized Video Content

Many brands understand the power of striking the heartstrings of their consumers and spend considerable effort and resources to create specialized Valentine’s video content. Valentine’s Day is a chance to create some content that is both easily uplifting and enticing to watch. You can take this one step further by finding compelling stories amongst your consumers to share from your digital display campaigns. This kind of strategy creates a much stronger give-and-take brand identity amongst your consumers, as they can easily relate to the wonderful feeling of falling in love.

Create Social Media Engagement

The Adflux content management system can easily integrate with your company's social media accounts. You can use this feature to create a highly immersive feed to encourage viewers to share their Valentine’s Day thoughts and tributes. You’ll be able to generate some precious real-time engagement that is sure to strengthen your overall brand relationship with customers. You can even choose to offer incentives for consumer participation to increase your reach and traction.

Push A Valentine’s Competition or Giveaway

Valentine’s day is the perfect opportunity to run a special holiday giveaway or competition. There are fewer marketing strategies that are as effective as these offers, as everyone likes to win free prizes. Perhaps you’d like to treat a couple to a discount on dinner at a local restaurant, or offer a vacation getaway as a grand prize in a competition? There is a wide selection of gifts and experiences that will draw a healthy spectrum of potential consumers. Some companies even choose to collaborate on these kinds of deals to reach a broader audience.

Promote A Group/Couples Deal

This time of year is the ideal period to promote any couples packages that your business might have on offer. Many brands and companies like to implement membership or subscription packages that can be shared by couples. Another good route to consider is gift cards. You can offer vouchers for your product or service as gift options for lovers. Many brands opt to push gift cards over actual products for Valentine’s promotions. This is because the gift cards allow consumers the opportunity to browse through your entire range of services or products, increasing their familiarity with your brand.

Share Valentine’s Facts/Points of Interest

Did you know that the famous Candy Hearts were first introduced as medical throat lozenges before becoming the traditional Valentine’s Day sweets? Or that children in the middle ages would draw names from a hat to find out who their Valentine would be? There are a ton of fascinating and entertaining Valentine’s day facts and tales that your customers would love to discover. You can use these to run on your digital displays to help reduce the perceived waiting times while your customers wait in payment lines. These kinds of anecdotes will add a healthy dynamic and mood to any of your digital display campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Valentine’s Day has grown to become one of the most widely celebrated holidays globally, second only to New Year’s Eve. It’s easy to understand why - who doesn’t like being in love? With the Adflux content management system, you’ll have little to no trouble integrating the above-listed strategies into your digital display plans. Thanks for reading through our quick list of digital signage content ideas for Valentine’s Day. We wish you many heartfelt returns.

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