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10 February 2022

Running a successful business requires a considerable amount of resources and team management. In the digital era, there have been major developments to help streamline nearly every area of these processes, including digital signage and displays. Fewer innovations have had as big of an impact on these areas than content management systems. A content management system organizes and facilitates every major digital component of your business’ operation. We’ve made you this quick guide to show you the importance of a great CMS and how to apply it to your digital signage

Tools and Capabilities

Content Playlisting

Content Playlisting allows users to organize and curate any of their informative or digital campaign media into organized presentations. These presentations can then be set to run at specific times depending on food traffic and campaign strategies. By curating and scheduling playlists your content will have a stronger impact on viewers and displays can be designed and delivered with extra precision.

Screen Group Functionality

Managing multiple display units need not be an overwhelming task. With screen grouping functionality you will be able to implement your campaigns across all your screens simultaneously, saving you precious time and resources. Screens can also be placed in series and have designs displayed in the linked mode for larger and more dynamic visual content.

Screen Monitoring and Health Updates

Maintenance and service of screens have also become a simplified process thanks to our screen monitoring and health update system. Each screen constantly runs checks on its own performance and can deliver any important alerts or reports in case a unit requires some attention or repair. This function will also save you redundant expenses on general service costs.

Multiple Format Support

Our CMS is designed to host a variety of media formats from audio and imagery to full HD video. You will be able to quickly and seamlessly upload and share your media into our cloud storage without having to wait and gamble on tedious media conversions and excessive formatting. Our CMS also understands how to adjust each media format to fit the specs of your preferred display unit.

Management and Scale

Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration has transformed our content management system into an open-source engine that allows for customizable expansion. You can now use selected designs and other applications to further enhance your file management, visual quality, and overall operational efficiency.

Playback Reports

Data is one of the most valuable assets in any successful business’s arsenal, and our CMS provides all of the essential playback data. Users can access in-depth metrics on a variety of valuable information surrounding the impact and strength of their visual campaigns. These stats can involve some crucial feedback on user interactions including average viewing time, survey info, or other precious insights on demographics that will aid future campaign strategies.

Multi-User Support

In any good business, teamwork makes the dream work. Thankfully, the Adflux CMS can be set up to be accessed and operated by multiple users. You can invite members of your team to join in on specific campaigns, and create a tier system that allows select access to certain individuals. This function allows teams to collaborate from independent locations in real-time and can drastically improve workflow amongst team members.

Must-have features that are available on Adflux Digital Signage Software

Stock Templates and Layouts

The Adflux team understands and values strong brand identities. With this in mind, we’ve put a considerable amount of effort into building an expansive library of stock templates and layouts to kickstart your design campaigns. Each stock item is highly customizable and scalable. Users can integrate their brand logos, company color palette, and other crucial visual info into these templates to create powerful displays quickly and easily.

Canva Integration

Canva has fast become one of the most widely used design tools amongst businesses and designers alike. The intuitive user interface and colorful media library have made it a prominent tool amongst most designers working on the fly. Adflux boasts one of the few content management systems to allow for integration with Canva. Designers can create their image or video displays on Canva and upload them directly to the CMS with a simple click once integrated.

Remote Accessibility

Remote access is possibly the most useful tool on the Adflux CMS. Selected team members of the CMS will be able to fully operate and curate all facets of their current and upcoming displays from a laptop or mobile device. Users can meticulously implement display strategies for any or all screens simultaneously without having to physically be at each display location. This kind of accessibility saves incredible amounts of travel and operational costs.

Benefits of using a Content Management System for Digital Signage

User-Friendly Layouts

The idea of a content management system may be intimidating to some, especially those who are not technologically inclined. Thankfully our CMS comes with a user-friendly interface, no more complex than your everyday mobile or smart devices. Most users understand all the basic functions of the interface and layout within just a few minutes of usage.

Instant Stats and Metrics

Having access to instant and real-time stats and user metrics is one of a business's most valuable assets. The Adflux CMS compiles intensively accurate feedback on all the essential areas of your visual campaigns. Understanding how your campaigns are received is a vital step in monitoring your overall ROI. Fortunately, our CMS is designed to provide as much crucial information on user interaction as possible.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Gone are the slow days of slow communication. In the digital world, everything moves fast, and Adflux has every essential tool necessary to not only help you keep up, but also stay ahead of the game. With full remote access, assignable group functionality, and third-party integration, you’ll be able to fully optimize all design operations with ease.

Reliable Security

While you may be taken by the incredible functionality of the ADflux CMS system, you may be questioning its overall safety. The Adflux team has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that your content and information stays protected from any malicious activity. Our security systems are of unparalleled quality and are updated constantly to keep all your user content in the safest hands, yours.

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