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13 April 2022

The automotive industry has always been a sector that prides itself on innovation. This trait is extremely evident when examining the different ways in which the industry has adopted digital signage to improve various ends of its operations. In this article, we unpack some of the most popular uses for digital signage amongst automotive dealers and help you get better acquainted with this exciting technology.

Waiting Area Entertainment

Purchasing a vehicle can be a stressful endeavor for some consumers, especially first-time or budget buyers. Dealers can utilize their screens to run passive entertainment in the waiting areas of their stores. These feeds can include content such as local sports and business updates, music and entertainment, or even finance and weather reports. Digital Screens have been proven to drastically reduce the average customer’s perceived waiting time. By putting your customers at ease, you’re more likely to be able to comfortably commit to a sale.

Promote Specific Products or Services

Digital signage provides the perfect platform for creating visually alluring promotional packages. It’s crucial to create a golden thread of consistency throughout these packages by incorporating a company’s logo and branding within all design and visual communication elements. Dealers can offer discount packages, payment plans, or temporary offers to consumers that may be unsure of what their set purchases are. Campaigns can be scheduled to run at specific times, and this can come in handy when trying to push new products during periods of high foot traffic. It’s often best to run these campaigns on screens located on a dealership site, or in busy areas close by such as a highway or shopping center.

Offer Manufacturing Statistics and Insights

Dealers can gain massive levels of trust from customers by displaying interesting statistics or manufacturing insights. A consumer is more likely to commit to a product or service if they can get a chance to witness the journey from factory to floorspace. Advertisers can build dynamic video presentations that delve into every exciting detail that goes into the building of a vehicle and run these displays consistently on strategically placed screens throughout a dealership. These kinds of video packages can serve as excellent leads to promote and build hype around a new product release.

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are one of the strongest assets a dealership can have when trying to develop consumer relationships. First-time buyers are more likely to commit to a sale when seeing or hearing stories from other satisfied customers. Certain larger brands reach out to prominent social or celebrity figures to build collaborative testimonial presentations that have added value and reach. Testimonials are extra effective as an upselling technique when packaged next to a slick promotion or temporary product offer.

Social Media Feeds

Social media is a simple, efficient, and highly effective means of integrating your business into the local and online community. Through services like Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok, advertisers can compile exciting interactive campaigns that drive consumer engagement much further than traditional marketing channels. Companies can encourage consumers to share personal anecdotes or experiences with their purchased products or services, and even reward them for doing so with prizes and other incentives. The speed and interactivity of social media can create a highly cost-effective means of attracting new consumers to your floorspace from their homes.

Interactive Displays

Touch screen technology has opened up a wonderful list of interactive opportunities for automotive advertisers to capitalize on. Interactive displays allow users to explore available product specifications and options. These immersive experiences provide a form of entertainment for waiting for customers to kill time and also let them familiarize themselves with your entire product or service range. Touch screens are also able to request feedback from users. These metrics can provide valuable insights into a customer’s on-site experience, as well as point out any areas of service that may need tending to.

Internal Communications

Digital screens can also be an incredibly handy tool for in-house communications. Instead of contacting each employee individually, general notices can be sent to selected screens for immediate viewing and faster communication. Screens can also play host to feeds that remind employees of any mandatory safety and work practices and protocols. All notices and content can be updated through a user-friendly content management system, with tired access options for use between multiple team members.

Final Thoughts

The above-listed content ideas can go a long way in improving various aspects of an automotive dealer’s business strategies. Internally, the medium helps to streamline team communications and ensure that company standards are always met. Digital content can also be used to curate and shape the consumer’s buying experience from the moment they step foot on the floor, till the time they leave with a fresh set of keys. Thanks for reading through our list of digital content ideas for car dealerships.

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