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19 April 2022

Working in real estate requires savvy, determination, and the ability to make big decisions quickly. In the digital age, real estate agencies have had to expand on these values to keep their practices in line with modern standards. Whether managing a team of hungry agents, compiling slick listings, or showcasing a prized piece of property, digital signage can go a long way in streamlining a real estate business. There’s a long list of solutions digital content can offer a real estate agency. In this article, we’ll cover some of the top content ideas agencies are using to improve their operations.

Store Signage

Thanks to their incredibly vivid and bright display quality, digital signage creates a natural step in the evolution from traditional printed shop signage. Digital screens can be viewed from longer distances, by more foot traffic, and appear even brighter at night. These benefits make digital signage a fine fit for any real estate shop window or outside the display. Screens are designed to be installed with minimal intrusion and can save owners considerable costs on printing and signboard maintenance. Digital screens are much more likely to draw the attention of passers-by than the traditional billboard or print medium.

Reception Area Infotainment

Agencies can add a proper sense of home comfort right within the waiting or reception areas of their agencies. Several businesses make use of digital screens to offer a selection of passive entertainment options to waiting customers. These video packages could local news and weather updates, sports, or other light-hearted forms of entertainment. Displays such as these have been proven to drastically diminish the average customer’s perceived waiting time. Offering your customers subtle creature comforts such as these will put them at ease, which will raise the chances of establishing a solid consumer relationship.

Promote Special Deals and Offers

One of the first prospects that spring into the mind of a digital screen user is advertising. Digital screens have long replaced the traditional print billboard thanks to their stunning image quality and cost-effective design. Screens can now deliver packages that are as visually enticing as a visit to the cinema. Real estate agencies can also capitalize on these strengths by running exciting temporary offers or promotional deals through their screens. These campaigns can be streamed on-site to attract immediate customers, or at strategically placed locations within your targeted demographics. Real estate agencies that integrate these kinds of promotions into their content streams are sure to experience a reflected boost in sales.

Third-Party and Community Advertising

A real estate agency’s greatest commodity is its immediate local community. Finding ways to integrate your business into the local community is a crucial step in building a solid consumer base. Estate agencies can easily execute their strategy by housing local community displays on their digital signage. These displays can consist of things like upcoming events, local news highlights, or even informational points of interest about the area. Agencies can also generate some extra revenue by offering their digital signage as advertising space to third-party entities.

Customer Testimonials

There are fewer tools that are as effective at gaining a consumer’s trust than customer testimonials. Consumers are naturally more likely to find value in your product when hearing positive feedback from other customers they can relate to. Testimonials can be compiled using the local community, and some agencies even choose to collaborate with prominent social figures for added reach and influence. These types of displays bring customers a step closer to your listings and work extremely well when packaged together with promotional content.

Interactive Displays

Several real estate agencies have discovered the interactive qualities that digital signage provides, and have used these to create some exciting innovations. Touch screen technology allows agencies to build virtual walk-through tours that can be manually controlled by on-site visitors. Prospective customers can explore every major highlight of any properties on offer, without having to physically visit them. Prospective buyers can also use these screens to pull up essential information about the listings such as area size, address, rates, etc. These interactive displays can be an extremely handy form of upselling clients to your desired properties.

Staff Communications

Aside from being a useful tool for building the bridge from business to customer, digital signage can also be valuable for use within the workforce. Digital screens are often used to distribute internal messages amongst staff members and can be much more time-efficient than direct messaging services. Signage can be used to display important team-related information such as deadlines, meetings, and other general updates and notices. Signage can also be utilized to display any important health and safety standards or work protocol. Implementing a centralized point of communication also helps to strengthen work relationships and creates a community within the workplace.

Final Thoughts

Digital signage has gifted several sectors with an abundance of user-friendly, cost-effective solutions to various operational practices. The real estate sector is one industry in particular that has welcomed the advent of digital signage with open arms. Whether optimizing a business’ back-end, to strengthening its marketing front, there’s no shortage of content options for estate agents to benefit from. Thanks for reading through our guide on digital signage content for real estate agencies.

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