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13 April 2022

The Easter Holidays open up a brief but priceless window of opportunity for many businesses to expand their marketing portfolio. This time of the year sees a shift in season and intelligent business owners know how to use this period to help improve consumer engagement. One of the most effective means of gaining traction through your visual campaigns is via digital signage. In this article, we’re going to guide you through our list of some exciting content ideas that you can apply to your brand’s digital signage.

Dress Your Brand

It’s always a healthy idea to dress for the occasion, and the Easter period is no different. Businesses can benefit greatly from getting into the holiday spirit by integrating Easter-themed visuals into their display campaigns. Designers can choose to create fresh campaigns with festive visual elements, or alternatively customize current campaigns to suit the relevant time period. With smart applications, businesses will be able to boost their brand presence with subtle but effective visual communication. These campaigns can also be curated to run exclusively for the length of the holiday period, and at set strategic times for peak foot traffic.

Social Media Campaigns

Social media has completely altered the ways that businesses build and manage relationships with consumers. Unlike advertising, social media offers an opportunity for brands to connect and engage with customers in real-time. The platform also generates a community between your customers which serves as a precious resource for valuable feedback and insights. All consumers enjoy the feeling of belonging to something, and your business can meet these desires through social feeds that run through your digital signage. These feeds will encourage your consumers to share their personal stories and identities as it pertains to your business. You can also offer special deals to prominent consumers with high levels of online social influence to help push your product or service to the right demographics.

Include The Local Community

Just like it’s important to nurture your online consumer relationships, it’s equally beneficial to do so with your local community. Digital signage can be a fantastic meeting point for all areas of your local community, and more so during the Easter period. Certain businesses opt to offer up display time on their signage for any local events or notices during the Easter period. Including these kinds of campaigns in your digital signage not only helps maintain a solid social profile but also allows businesses easy access to localized consumer pools.

Promote Easter Specials/Deals

Easter is one of the few precious periods that most friends and families use to travel and visit each other. Businesses would be wise to utilize this brief window to offer temporary holiday specials to consumers. Perhaps you’re a hotel or guest lodge that would like to offer group specials to families. Alternatively, you could be a restaurant that runs an annual dining special for Easter. Some marketers even use this opportunity to push already- existing offers to consumers that may be more receptive during this time. Whichever deals and offers you choose to implement for the Easter period, there are fewer platforms as effective for advertising as digital signage.

Share Holiday History/Facts/Entertainment

Did you know that the act of painting Easter eggs is originally a Ukrainian tradition? Or that the holiday is named after the Anglo-Saxon deity Eostre, the goddess of fertility? Easter is an absolute treasure chest of wondrous and intriguing historical facts and anecdotes - all of which can be enjoyed by your consumer base. Displaying holiday-related content adds dynamic to your display campaigns and increases your overall average viewing time. These kinds of displays are a welcome addition to businesses that experience long queues during rush periods. Digital displays have been proven to drastically lower a customer's perceived waiting time, which will improve their overall experience with your business or service.

Final Thoughts

Much like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween - Easter is a holiday that has grown beyond its religious origins to become a more globally recognized festivity. Even though the holiday may be celebrated in different ways around the world, its fundamental values remain consistent. This period provides businesses with a plethora of opportunities to strengthen their brand presence, and vastly improve their consumer engagement. Digital signage is the perfect medium for integrating the spirit of Easter into any of your display campaigns. Thanks for reading through our list of digital signage content ideas for the Easter holidays.

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