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08 March 2022

Effective digital signage involves a lot more strategy than simply selecting a big screen for your display campaigns. Any forward-thinking marketing team understands the weight carried by every element of their display designs and layouts. One often overlooked yet crucial element of display design is typography. In any display campaign, every word counts, and it’s important to know which typography best suits your preferred display unit. We’ve compiled a quick guide to help you on the path to choosing the top typography for your digital signage.

Simplicity Is Key

The average person consumes an incredible amount of visual information daily. Laptops, mobile devices, and t.v make up a large portion of this daily intake, and it can be tricky for marketers to cut through all of this visual noise. When designing your copy and layout for your digital campaigns, it’s imperative to prioritize simplicity.

The world’s best advertisers know how to make impactful statements with minimal word use. The same approach must be taken with your font choices and copy placement. The more variety of font size and type you use in your designs, the less likely you are to leave a lasting imprint in the minds of the viewers. Try to use no more than 2-3 fonts per design, and make sure to create balanced line and letter spacing for each section of copy.

State Your Case

So many designers often overlook the importance of casing in their typography layouts. Even though this element may seem like a fairly minimal detail, it can often make or break your viewer's attention span. Certain phrases in advertising can come to seem abrasive or intrusive when displayed in exclusive uppercase typography. On the other hand, some copy can have its aesthetic and impact diminished with the use of lower case font.

Deciding on the right case for your copy will come down to a handful of factors:

  • Your choice of typography
  • The size and resolution of the display unit for your visual campaign.
  • The overall length of your copy.
  • The intention behind your overall statement.

Size Matters

Smart designers know that when it comes to visual campaigns, space is their most precious commodity. Your choice of typography will provide as much visual value as any other media used in your digital signage designs. Certain fonts may not be as visible from far distances as they are from close-up, while other types of fonts might be too bold for comfortable close viewing. Knowing which appropriate size typography to apply for the right display type will vastly improve your average viewer’s reading time and viewing experience.

Adequate typography size can be determined with a simple points-to-pixels calculation. If you’d like to figure out how high your font will be in pixels, simply multiply your font size by 0.722. For example, a typography size of 34 pts will be 24,548 pixels high on your screen display. You can apply this method to work out perfect ratios for typography sizes in all of your various display types and sizes. Most digital displays generally operate with a resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels.

Word Art

The most effective visual campaigns most often contain typography that suits the specific style and mood of its display. Selecting the right typography style for your visual campaigns will come down to a combination of form and function. Here are a few simple essentials to remember when selecting the right style of typography for your digital signage.

  • Try to pick typography that does not clash with your branding or logos
  • If your text is informative, select typography that is easy to read at a glance
  • Stay away from overly-eccentric typography eg. cursive, graffiti, etc.
  • Test your font styles from close and far viewing distances to compare overall impact and visibility.
  • For quick and punchy statements try to make use of minimalist typography that is free from strokes at their edges. Sans Serif is probably the most commonly used typeface for this purpose.
  • Try to select a font that fits with your campaign's imagery stylistically.

Final Thoughts

There is no magic secret formula to choosing the perfect typography for your digital signage. If anything, the world’s most memorable visual campaigns almost certainly came about after some trial and error. Selecting the right typography for your visual campaigns can become a streamlined process with the use of the above guidelines. Thanks for reading through our quick list of tips on typography for digital signage.

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