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7 Digital Display Screens For Your Business

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22 September 2021

There is a wide selection of digital display screens to choose from today, and it can often be overwhelming or confusing to pick the right one. Choosing the right screen for your digital displays will directly influence the overall quality and impact of your marketing campaigns. Below is a brief checklist of questions to consider when choosing the best digital display screen for your campaign.

  • What is the overall purpose of your digital display screen?

  • What are the geographical specifications to consider (location, environment, etc)

  • Does my screen need to be interactive or is it purely for display?

  • What types of content do you plan to display on your screen?

  • What demographic/s are you planning to focus on with your displays?

We’ve provided a brief rundown of some of our premier digital display screens below. Each unit serves a specific purpose or function and this should serve as a basic guide to help you select the right screen for your display strategies. 

1. LED Transparent Screens

LED transparent screens are some of the most alluring displays available today. These screens are usually visible from both sides and provide your foot traffic with a stunning optical illusion that adds a classy finish to your advertisements. These digital display screens are ideal for shop windows, or large-scale building displays. Over the last decade, the demand for innovative displays has vastly increased. LUCID-led screens employ a cutting technology to ensure that your displays are crystal clear and rich in color. These screens are also wonderfully easy to maintain and service and are generally installed using a simple, but a highly efficient 4-step process.

2. Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are the perfect digital display screens for your restaurant or takeaway space. Thanks to group screen functionality, you can apply various settings and content plans to all your screens simultaneously or in specified sections. Digital menu boards are a great way to minimise your labor costs, while also raising the overall profile of your business by creating an immersive digital display experience.

We offer a terrific selection of menu templates to kickstart your campaign strategies, and you can upload content to your screens without an internet connection using our USB upload feature.

3. Large Format LED Displays

Large LED displays are a terrific solution for anyone requiring an impactful branding display. These LED Digital display screens are specifically manufactured to perform at optimum levels for extended periods with minimal wear & tear. You simply need to select the best screen for your display strategy and environment.

Outdoor Displays

Outdoor LED display screens are renowned for their durability and can withstand a fair amount of heavy weather. These units emit the kind of high-intensity brightness that delivers perfect visibility even against direct sunlight. The outdoor digital display screens make use of SMD-LED technology to create an incomparable image quality that will put your campaigns a notch above your competition. The best units are completely waterproof and can withstand most temperate climate conditions. Some of these screens also make use of a magnetic mount, to ensure that installations are non-invasive and cost effective.

Indoor Displays

The primary focus of creating indoor units is to create digital display screens that can display to both large scale crowds as well as more intimate settings. These screens are specifically designed to be less abrasive for close-distance viewing, which allows for longer and more frequent viewing times.Indoor displays generally come in the largest selection of sizes out of all the digital display models and can also come available in a sleek and stylish curved option.

4. Digital Touch Screen Kiosks

Touch screen kiosks take user engagement a step further by adding the element of interaction. The digital display screens are fitted into a sturdy self-standing housing that is both tough and lightweight. These interactive units function in landscape mode and most touch screens come with a protective layer of plasma to keep up with high levels of usage. These screens are optimized for group usage and do not lose quality or brightness from almost any viewing angle. Touch screen kiosks carry the familiarity of a regular tablet or mobile phone, which makes them both extremely user-friendly and inviting.

5. LCD Self Ordering Kiosks

Self-ordering kiosks have revolutionized the way business owners approach their retail payment systems. These interactive digital display units are among the most widely used, thanks mostly to their incredibly simple and intuitive display software. Self-ordering kiosks are extremely user-friendly, and save retailers a lot of time and running costs. Our kiosks come with a variety of handy customizable features and templates. They’re perfect for use around the clock, and the anti-glare PCAP screen provides viewers with a display that is both inviting and crystal clear.

6. Free Standing Digital Kiosks

Designed for prime eye-level viewing, these digital display screens come in slimline housing that is incredibly easy to move around your retail space. Free standing kiosks come with the standard premium image quality ideal for viewing within a shop or retail space. Their display software allows for easy integration and operation via local networks such as LAN, WiFi, or 4G. You can also opt to place a media device inside the unit’s storage container, and keep your media running over a USB connection. Retailers prefer these digital display screens for their affordability and reliability.

7. LCD Hanging Double Sided Displays

These double-sided digital display screens come with a hanging mount that is perfect for harnessing otherwise unused areas in your retail space. Because these units are generally placed out of immediate reach, they come with an eco-friendly timer, a temperature control system and can be operated remotely via a local network. These digital display screens also come with an anti-blackening treatment that can withstand harsh and direct sunlight while still maintaining stellar image quality. This allows for extended periods of performance without any excessive maintenance or upkeep.

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