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13 April 2022

Upselling is a common element in business strategy and has grown to become a healthy, multi-faceted practice for many successful businesses. Upselling was a technique that was generally reserved for sales agents. The practice traditionally involved offering exclusive add-ons to customers that had agreed to an initial deal and were used as a means of measuring an agent’s selling power. In the modern era, upselling has moved into the world of marketing and advertising, but the foundational intention remains the same. In today’s article, we’ll provide you with a rundown on upselling through digital signage, and show you how to use the medium to massively boost your ROI.

New Product Promotion

Introducing a new product to your consumer base requires a separate strategy from a business's regular campaigns. Often advertisers will seek more impactful and unique means of pushing fresh products to consumers. In the modern age, many have turned to digital signage as a cost-effective and reliable solution for promoting their latest products. The platform provides an exciting evolution of the traditional billboard with massive immersive capabilities that drastically improve consumer engagement. Consumers are especially receptive to these kinds of offers in close proximity to the actual product, much like grocery stores place the candy bars right before the cashier’s till.

Indirect Selling

One of the smartest tactics that advertisers utilize when upselling is indirect promotion. You can discuss and exhibit a specific product or service’s benefits without directly pushing it into customers’ faces. An intelligent way to do this is to show your product or service in use to help raise the level of trust between you and the customer. Imagine a major sports star sipping on his favorite energy drink, or a respectable tech figure making use of his favorite app. This type of endorsement offers a classy angle for marketers to approach their promotions. Digital signage can be a really exciting medium to run these types of displays, whether in-house or in strategic locations with high levels of foot traffic. Displays can be designed to blend in with their surroundings so as not to overwhelm a consumer with content, and this also adds to the subtle but firm touch of indirect selling.

Package Deals and Offers

Many businesses have adopted the adage of killing two birds with one stone by creating package deals that benefit both sides of the sale. Businesses often combine a popular product with a new or overstocked one to push the sale of either. Consumers often feel as though they gain extra value from package deals, as they gain more than one product or service from a single transaction. Advertisers can curate exciting visual campaigns to back these deals which can be run through a variety of digital signage units.

Personalized Customer Packages

One of the most crucial benefits you can provide your customers is the power and freedom of choice. Instead of pushing specific products or services to consumers, some businesses have now taken the approach of offering personalized consumer experiences and offers. The premise of this technique is to add a universal value to every part of your product or service line, while also enticing customers to add to their total purchase package. Digital kiosks are a fantastic example of how digital signage can be utilized for this sales technique. Fast-Food and Restaurant services will allow consumers to customize every aspect of their meal, from the size of each portion to the choice of side and seasoning. Through this practice, these kiosks are also able to compile incredibly accurate metrics on things like product popularity or average ordering and waiting times.

Seasonal Deals

Many businesses find that utilizing seasonal deals is a fantastic way of raising their social profile within a local community. Certain enterprises like hotels and restaurants create temporary packages for couples and families during peak tourist periods. Small and large businesses also find it healthy to integrate religious or traditional holidays into their visual campaigns and interlink these festivities with one-time offers to consumers. These types of seasonal deals can drastically drive hype and demand around a specific product or package that businesses would like to prioritize, and digital signage provides a reliable means of effectively relaying these types of deals to consumers.

Final Thoughts

The art of upselling requires a balanced blend of strong communication and savvy. The greatest sales techniques in history all involved a sleight of hand when it comes to advertising. Digital signage has been proven to generate the kind of allure and engagement needed to effectively reach consumers. By exploring the above-listed approaches, businesses should be able to find the most effective means for converting their marketing efforts into profits. Thanks for reading through our quick guide to upselling through digital signage.

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