10 Industries Leveraging Digital Signage in 2021

Various Industries That Use Digital Signage Today

Blog / 10 Industries Leveraging Digital Signage in 2021
18 October 2021

Businesses everywhere are finding amazing ways to make use of digital signage to grow their brand and enhance their service quality. The list of uses for modern digital displays is growing every day. We’ve assembled a collection of some of the top industries that are getting the most out of the latest digital signage trends in 2021


The Automotive industry has always been at the forefront of innovation. The sector has applied this ethos to its advertising since the advent of print billboards. The motor industry is highly competitive and fast-paced, and the majority of its digital marketing campaigns take on a larger-than-life aesthetic as such. While print and web media may be viable options for marketing campaigns, digital display boards have proven to be one of the most effective means of reaching prospective clientele. This is due to two prominent psychology factors:

  • Digital Display Boards are less intrusive than online advertising and thus more likely to gain a positive response from the viewer.

  • Display boards are highly effective in areas of transit, such as train stations, airports, and highways. This is because the viewer has a chance to consider the product when and where it is most valued.

Display boards can also provide viewers with attractive offers and industry insights. This type of valuable information goes a long way in strengthening the relationship between brand and consumer.


Effective communication is one of the key factors to getting the most productivity in manufacturing spaces. Digital signboards are highly efficient at distributing any necessary updates as well as remind employees of safety standards within the workspace. The presence of these types of displays helps to make employees feel valued and looked after while working.

Proactive employers also make use of these screens to motivate their employees, by exhibiting goals, incentives, and other encouraging content. Motivated employees translate to exponential increases in productivity and help boost team morale.

Restaurants And Takeaways

Digital display boards have revolutionized the restaurant and takeaway industries over the last decade. One of the most exciting developments in this sector has been the rise of digital touch screen kiosks, and especially self-ordering kiosks. Self-ordering kiosks have been proven to enhance both operation levels and sales conversions and are invaluable during high-traffic hours. Most franchisees choose to use these kiosks alongside digital menu boards to maintain a strong brand continuity within their retail space.

These industries have also never shied away from making use of large-scale digital display boards for marketing campaigns. These campaigns are usually located nearby or en-route to an operating space and have proven to be highly effective at drawing in consumers on the go.

Travel & Tourism

The travel & tourism sector is an experience-based one, and the implementation of digital display boards has given brands a leg up in relaying these experiences to consumers. Several brands in these industries rely on various digital display boards to either attract or inform consumers. Here are some of the primary ways that these industries have used digital signage:

  • Digital kiosks are used to handle customer check-ins even in large volumes. These kiosks can also be used to provide information like schedule changes or site layout.

  • Video screens placed in the waiting and operating areas can be used to entertain customers with current news and other media. These screens can also keep consumers up to date on operation times and any special offers that travel businesses may be offering.


The events industry usually requires infrastructure that can accommodate large volumes of people gathered in a single space for a temporary period. Thankfully, even the largest digital video displays on the market are designed for a quick and simple setup, and with minimal intrusion on the surrounding environment. Thanks to their incredible image quality and brightness, large-scale digital displays are a reliable solution for most event producers and organizers.

Most modern digital displays are made to withstand moderate to heavy weather conditions, making them ideal for outdoor event purposes. They are an excellent choice for either informing event attendees or for adding quality to any event environment. These screens also have group functionality, meaning that organizers can control several display units from a single point.


Fewer industries have a greater understanding of drawing viewer attention than tv, radio, and online media businesses. Large media services will often make use of digital signage to promote any of their latest upcoming releases.

Many entities also make use of larger video screens to add to the quality and functionality of their productions. For instance, news and talk shows make use of large-scale screens during a broadcast for branding or informational display purposes. Alternatively, these screens are used to display any information shared between the production and viewer, such as polls or testimonials.


Digital signage provides a diverse set of incredible solutions for various facets of retail display. Most retail spaces rely heavily on quality aesthetics to ensure their consumers enjoy and engage with their environment as much as possible.

Large-scale video displays are used on a consistent basis throughout this sector to give viewers dazzling displays on the most exciting deals and products a business has to offer. Forward-thinking brands have even found industrious ways to integrate social media into their display campaigns to generate stronger viewer engagement.

Much like the restaurant and takeaway sector, retail spaces have adopted digital kiosks to help streamline their operations and cut down on running costs. Similarly, certain retail spaces make use of interactive LED tablets to provide valuable information to their consumer base.


Clear and prominent information is crucial in an industry like healthcare. There is very little room for error in this sector, and part of having a stable healthcare operation involves giving clientele peace of mind. Digital signage helps to keep any site attended aware of safety precautions, site layout, and other highly important information that optimizes healthcare operations.

Wall-mounted and hanging display units are a common feature in many healthcare facilities as they provide a direct line of communication from supplier to client base. This is most beneficial when dealing with high traffic volumes as well as in emergency situations. Certain practices have begun to use digital kiosks to help streamline diagnostics for their patients.


Sufficient access to information is one of the key factors to any transport entities’ success. The best transport businesses know how to adapt to real-time obstacles efficiently and understand the importance of keeping their clientele pleased and informed. Digital signage ensures that businesses can swiftly relay any schedule conflicts or changes in operation to their consumer base, thanks to the benefit of group functionality.

Many transport businesses make use of large-scale display units in their operating space to keep consumers stimulated during long waiting periods by screening various forms of entertainment.


In the past, educators would have scoffed at the idea of bringing any more screens into educational environments. However, with the advent and acceptance of the digital era, most education bodies have begun to realize the benefits of integrating digital signage into their school system.

Students tend to be much more receptive and absorbent than other demographics, and their environment directly reflects their productivity. Interactive touch screens give educators an edge when trying to relay information, and are both more efficient and cost-effective than traditional whiteboards or chalkboards. Digital display boards also help to quickly share any valuable information to students, especially in site areas with high traffic volumes like receptions, sports facilities, or cafeterias.

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