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05 October 2021

The digital signage world offers your business a highly effective and powerful way to make a statement with your brand. There is an abundance of digital signage designs and content ideas to help boost your reach and maximize your campaign strategies. It’s always important to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends while still maintaining your fundamental authenticity as a brand. Today, we’ve compiled a brief rundown of tips and tricks to keep you one step ahead of your competition, and one step closer to your clientele. Have a read through our guide on how to create quality digital signage content.

Short and Sweet

Simplicity Is one of the most crucial tools in any effective marketing strategy. Your top priority when coming up with strong digital content ideas should be the economy of information. Try to tell your users as much about your product or service in as few words as possible. The modern human attention span drops an average of 4 seconds every year, so you try to keep your layouts minimal to enhance their impact. The quicker you can get to the point with your content, the stronger the impact of the message received by your viewers will be.

The Numbers Game

Statistics and facts build a bridge of relativity between you and your prospective consumer base. While you and your company may back your product or service, your consumer needs to gain a deeper understanding of how it fits into the context of their lives. Here is a shortlist of ideas of useful statistics to exhibit that encourages consumer engagement:

  • Show your consumers your company’s growth in terms of production output, employment growth, and market reach. Everybody loves to plant on fertile soil and your consumers are no different.

  • Present your manufacturing statistics to show your consumers interesting areas of what goes into creating your product, and this helps them feel like they get a sneak-peek behind the curtain before buying a ticket to the show.

  • Exhibit your company’s social and environmental footprint. It’s generally a good idea to minimize your carbon footprint and to integrate with the social environment in your region of operation.

Create Continuity

In the fast-paced digital era, marketers tend to overlook and underestimate the long-term impact of their branding. While it may be important to present a campaign that has instant impact, it’s also equally crucial to maintain a sense of continuity with your aesthetic and a narrative. Instead of focusing on generating a narrative that stays in the minds of your consumers over long periods. This is especially important if your digital signage is placed in areas that consumers visit repeatedly like shopping malls, highways, or public transport stations. If your viewers latch onto your campaign, they’re bound to notice the effort you put into maintaining an interesting dialogue through your content and will appreciate that your presentation feels more like a conversation.

Give & Take

Some of the strongest and most iconic digital content ideas implemented in the modern era have all created some form of interactivity between the brand and the consumer. By integrating some element of interactivity through your digital signage, you’ll be able to vastly increase your user engagement. Consumers love to have their say, so why not create a means of sending and receiving customer feedback related to your products or service? Alternatively, you could attract your prospective consumers with some form of novelty or entertainment, as consumers appreciate when brands lift their spirits with their content. When your viewers feel a sense of comfortable involvement with your campaigns, they’ll probably be more open to engaging with your business.

Visualize Your Story

Digital signage relies heavily on a strong visual aesthetic to support your marketing campaigns. As a brand, it’s crucial to understand the visual picture you paint in the clientele. A lot of content viewers are generally drawn to the visual content of an image before they take notice of any written information. This is especially prevalent in areas where customers may only be able to view your digital signage for brief periods. Try to conceptualize digital content that appeals to the core values of your consumers. Let’s say you’re a company that stocks outdoor camping gear for all recreational purposes. Your campaigns should include visual elements that enunciate this vision, so you could include videos or images of families enjoying your equipment while on a camping trip.

Seal The Deal

Strong digital content campaigns always include a call to action. It’s not enough to simply exhibit your value as a brand or company with your displays. The impact of your message will only last until the viewer’s attention has been taken by something else. Use your digital displays as a doorway to your business instead of a window, and encourage your viewers to engage with your company and brand directly using assets like social media or contact information. You can quickly grow your follower base by generating content that incentivizes viewers to interact with your social media channels. This technique helps to quickly generate a positive effect on your organic growth rate online. Your digital content idea will only be as strong as its ability to establish and build strong customer relationships. Figure out the most efficient way to lead your viewers to a call to action, and try to shape your content towards this final goal.

Final Thoughts

Building an effective digital content campaign for your digital display requires a deep understanding of your consumer base and a healthy sense of innovation. The few fleeting moments that you share with the viewers of your displays are all that you have to define a healthy durable image of your brand in their minds. You can use the fundamental guidelines above as a checklist for your next digital display campaigns. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more on how to apply your digital content ideas to the world of digital displays. Thanks for reading our brief on how to create quality digital signage content.

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