14 Digital Signage Content Ideas

Different Types of Content Ideas For Digital Signages

Blog / 14 Digital Signage Content Ideas
29 September 2021

Digital Signage is one of the most effective and exciting ways to grow and connect with your potential consumer base. Everyday there are new innovations sparked across the globe that bring exciting new ideas and possibilities to the forefront of digital signage. The list below is a collection of ideas that you can apply to your digital signage campaigns.

Image Gallery

An image gallery is a fast and reliable way to exhibit your work to your consumers. With the absence of text, you can utilize strong images to represent your product or service’s finest details. Displaying your content in busier spaces requires your content to be impactful as well as simple, and powerful photography can often be the solution to occupying these spaces. Image galleries work well when used inside your operating or retail space by increasing brand continuity throughout your display environment.

Social Walls

Any digital campaign must involve some form of social media integration. Social walls are a stunning way to increase user engagement. The premise of this idea is to encourage your consumers to upload their experience with your service or product via a social media channel. These experiences are displayed on your signage and create a real-time interaction between you, your consumers, and the viewers of your display. Social walls work well on large-scale indoor or outdoor LED screens, as well as on units like hanging double-sided displays.

Personal Stories

Everyone loves a digital campaign with substance, and users are more likely to engage with your product or service when they feel a personal connection. Personal stories take encouraging anecdotes from your employee or consumer base and relay them to your consumers. Sharing a more sincere side of your digital campaigns makes your content more relatable, and will leave a long-lasting impression on any potential viewers. As they require a bit more reading time, this type of content suits digital kiosks and displays screens or walls that fit intimate settings.


Much like personal stories, customer testimonials are a powerful method to establish a closer connection to your target audience. Testimonials consist of stories from satisfied customers that push the reliability of your product or service. There is seldom a better way to gain the trust of potential consumers than testimonials as they offer first-hand feedback of positive experiences with your brand. Testimonials also encourage the narrative that your brand is customer-focused, and builds a sturdier bridge of communication between you and your viewers.

Project Specs/Statistics

Data is the most valuable asset on the planet today, and we as human beings are constantly creating and consuming this endless resource. Both loyal and potential customers can benefit from learning about the in and outs of your product or service. You can display all the fundamental and interesting statistics surrounding your brand for your consumers to view. These stats can relate to areas of interest such as brand growth, manufacturing specs, or even stats that relate to your carbon footprint or social portfolio. Displaying specs and stats quickly increases your brand integrity without having to steal too much of your viewers' attention span.

Partner Display Boards

Collaboration is a fantastic way to show your viewers that your brand values community and relationships. If you’re part of a strong collective, or your project consists of various entities, it’s a healthy idea to give these parties scope in your advertising space. Marketing is all about back and forth, and these types of displays encourage collective thought and strongly enhance your brand integrity. You can utilize interactive units like touch screen kiosks to host each of your partnering entities’ portfolios for a more immersive experience for your users.

Inspirational/Motivational Quotes

You can raise the general morale of employees and consumers alike with motivational or inspirational quotes. It’s best to select quotes that are relative to the service or product that you offer. For instance, if you’re working within the fitness industry, try to select excerpts from professional athletes to keep your consumers inspired to work harder. You can display these kinds of content as a filler in between other vital information on display units like video walls, indoor screens, and even kiosks.

Industry Related Content

You’ll raise the overall profile of your business by keeping your viewers informed with news surrounding your chosen craft or industry. This information could include constantly updated data relating to performance or impact statistics to keep your consumers interested in your growth. Industry-related content helps to keep your users involved within the paradigm of your brand, and also makes them feel a closer link to your brand without you having to offer anything directly.

In-Store Promotions

In-store promotions are a time-tested way to entice your consumers to take advantage of any special offers or deals you’re currently running. You can choose to rotate different offers throughout certain times of the day or leave them on display alongside your menu or pricing displays for extra allure. Customers are always happy to be informed about your latest deals and in-store promotions encourage the idea of urgency and excitement around your brand.

Interactive Polls

Businesses can use polls to acquire useful insight and feedback directly from their consumers while simultaneously strengthening brand relations. Ask your consumers what they think about specific areas of your product or service, and leave these answers up on displays as a poll to encourage other viewers to get involved in the conversation, as well as engage with your content. You can further incentivize your consumers to interact with your polls by offering rewards in return for their information.

Media Coverage

Your consumers want to know as much about your product, team, and operations as possible. Media coverage is one of the best resources to display someone else’s opinion of your product or service. Try to reach out to media parties that are relative to your industry and have them cover the most unique and appealing aspects of your business. Displaying these articles offers your viewers well-curated content that exhibits your business’ strongest points, and will seamlessly raise the overall profile of your brand.

Loyalty Program Details

Have you got a loyalty program to offer your potential clientele? There is probably no better way to get them to inquire about these offers than by displaying these offers on your display boards. Loyalty programs encourage long-term relationships with your consumer base and also create the idea that your business values its consumer relations. Try to lay out all the most attractive info for these types of displays, especially if there are consumer bonuses or rewards offered in your program.

Current Events/Conditions

You can occupy some stagnant or neutral areas of your content campaigns by integrating any local or international events into your displays. Keep your consumers informed of any important local happenings or attract them with more powerful international news updates. Adding current event pieces into your display schemes can also increase the impact of your digital content by drawing attention to your display boards.

Team Photos and Profiles

Your consumers love to know the stories behind the people that build a business or band together. You can display photos of your fundamental team members and offer your viewers some insight or information as to who they are and what they contribute to your product or service. Some companies like to create specialized profiles that showcase their most valuable employees of the week or month, which highly increases work ethic and team morale. This type of content works well on hanging displays and screens that accommodate retail wall or floor space.

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