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Blog / 20 Eye-Opening Digital Signage Statistics
26 October 2021

Digital signage is fast becoming the darling child of the marketing world, and for good reason. Businesses everywhere are quickly learning about the multitude of benefits that these platforms provide them. We’ve assembled a list of some of the most significant facts and insights surrounding this powerful marketing vessel to help users get a greater understanding of its effectiveness. Here are 20 eye opening digital signage statistics.

First Impressions Last

Digital signage displays capture up to eight times more views than other forms of visual media. Moving images tend to be more attractive and alluring than other static imagery like billboard or print media.

Every Second Counts

Most people don’t generally realize the amount of visual imagery they consume on a daily basis. Our brains are incredibly powerful storage devices, and we often underestimate its ability to capture visual information. However recent studies have found that we only need around 13 milliseconds to accurately identify familiar imagery.

Look Up

The rise of visual media has been exponential over the last century. There’s a good reason for this trend, as psychologists have found that visual elements grab 35 percent more attention than text or audio. A picture is truly worth a thousand words.

Video Is King

It’s no secret that video is fast taking over as the primary source of information consumption in the digital era. Sources have shown that in 2017 early 74 percent of the most consumed information on the internet was done so through video format. Digital displays are the perfect hosts for various forms of video campaigns.

Empowering Enterprise

The positive impact of digital signage is not just limited to the marketing and sales industries. The academic world has also seen a recent exponential growth in the use of digital displays. In fact,over two thirds of education facilities have been shown to support the use of digital signage as a crucial communication tool.

Student Approved

It’s not just educators that approve of the use of digital signage. Students have shown an overwhelmingly positive response to the integration of digital displays into their study methods. 96 percent of students claim that digital signage enhances their learning experience, with an equal share able to immediately recall information that they consume through this medium.

Health is Wealth

The healthcare sector has benefited greatly from the security and convenience that the world of digital signage offers.More than half of most patient groups acquire information through digital media. Up to 78 percent of patients have been shown to prefer digital display formats when receiving diagnostics or other important information relating to their wellbeing.

Comfort Zones

A few interesting digital signage statistics show us the measure of comfort that they provide customers, and the value of this comfort. Not only does digital signage increase brand awareness by up to 47 percent, it generates an equal degree of customer satisfaction.

The Price Is Right

Not only will digital signage effectively grow your consumer base, it will also raise your average profit per customer. Consumers influenced by digital signage have also been shown to increase their average spend on brands by up to 30 percent. Utilizing digital signage will also see you a 32 percent increase in repeat customers.

Patience is a Virtue

Digital signage can also be used to improve your consumers’ on-site experience - which is a sometimes overlooked and underutilized consideration in many brand awareness campaigns. Digital displays have been proven to lower stress levels and reduce social anxiety. Screens placed around retail queues have shown to reduce perceived waiting time by up to 35 percent.

Safety First

There are a healthy selection of safety applications and practices that businesses can implement in their office or workspace using digital signage. Alarmingly, around 40 percent of institutions don’t accurately relay safety protocols to their employees - a problem which can be easily dissolved using digital displays.

Team Spirit

It’s not only customers that need to feel valued in order to better your business. Statistics have shown that employees that receive effective communication and support are 60 percent more motivated to work than others. A boosted team morale can increase your employee engagement by up to 200 percent.

The Power of Persuasion

Whether you’re presenting a pitch to prospective investors, trying to boost productivity or simply promoting your next best product or service, there are fewer mediums as effective as digital displays. Presentations implemented through digital signage have been proven to be 43 percent more effective than alternative platforms.

Customer Satisfaction

The persuasive power of digital signage is very prominent amongst the current consumer trends. Digital signage generates an increase in sales for over 80 percent of businesses - ranging from franchises to start-ups.

Catch and Release

Did you know that 76 percent of customers are more likely to enter a retail space if they’ve viewed or engaged with digital signage. Similarly, 68 percent of American consumers claim that they’ve tried a brand or product for the first time after viewing it on some form of digital signage.

Easy Access

An often overlooked advantage that digital signage provides businesses lies in their simplicity. Most digital signage interfaces are incredibly user friendly, with the average employee requiring an average of five minutes to master the basic control fundamentals.

Get With The Times

There are shining examples of the expansion of the digital signage market in several sectors. In 2019, the industry was estimated to be valued at 15.7 billion dollars, a figure that is expected to reach around 27.8 billion by the close of 2026

Life On Display

The rise in use of digital signage has spanned into a large portion of experience based industries such as travel and tourism. 2021 reports found that around 69 percent of businesses in these territories had either installed or upgraded the digital display media in their operation space.

Money Talks

Thanks to their low maintenance costs and minimal installation process, digital displays are one of the most cost-effective means of relaying information throughout a community. Hospitals alone waste more than 12 billion dollars every year on inefficient communication systems. Essentially, digital signage could save a lot more than just money, it could also save lives.

The Right Lane

In the age of the information overload, it can be increasingly tricky to find ways to get your campaign to cut through the noise. However sometimes the trick is to work smarter and not harder. Digital signage used in billboards have been shown to leave lasting impressions on around 71 percent of daily traffic.

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